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Passenger Services

Enjoy all the exclusive benefits of becoming a member of Club MDD


Safety is our primary concern. Every subscriber has to go through an extensive background check. Must have a clean driving record. Vehicle is safety checked. Our app has a live chat emergency function which is available 24/7/365.


We have done extensive research understanding members needs. Our app is very user-friendly with a few cool features.


Our members enjoy some unique benefits such as MDD Dollar rewards program and an industry’s first MDD Dollar Plus referral program.


Every trip will be converted into MDD Dollars which can be used against any of our services in the future.


Invite your friends to join Club MDD and start earning MDD Dollars right away. You get paid sitting at home while they are using our services. How cool is that?


Reward yourself with further discounts once you have reached the Diamond and Platinum status.


Tired of looking for a parking spot or simply don’t want to drive that day? No problem, our app is all you need.


Flowers, birthday cakes, documents, anything! Just tell us where you want it to be delivered, we will make it happen!

Drive Assist

Drink too much at a party? We can send someone to drive your car home.

Pick Up

Ordered something online but want to pick it up right away? Bought something at IKEA but don’t want to wait for their delivery service. Help is just a few clicks away!


Just have a few suitcases and some simple furniture to move? Our subscribers own a variety of vehicles such as minivans or trucks. Fast, easy, cost effective.


What People Say About Us

MDD offers very competitive pricing. I was surprise when I tried my first trip with them.

Natalie Potts

I’m very doubtful about all the ride service in Vancouver. Not a big fan at all. But MDD does surprise me. Fast, easy, lots of drivers.

Josephine Chapman

Always improving. Nice little features all over the app. Definitely give it a thumbs up.

Adam Seymour

Real description of the car and the driver ratings are what you expect. Very informative and friendly drivers.

Davion Dean

Never thought there are services dedicated to disabled person. But because of MDD, I am available to order my own vehicle and go anywhere myself now.

Cierra Marks

Very caring drivers. Called me to inform me about the estimated pick-up time and confirm the point of pick-up. Even got a bottle of Dasani water ready.

Sylvan Kovacek